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Friday, October 29, 2010

Fall Festival

Since yesterday was Thursday, Sabrina had Mother's Day Out. But since it was the last "school day" before Halloween, they got to come dressed in their costumes and have a parade. Then, they helped make their own pizza for lunch. What a fun day!

For the past several months, she's been changing her mind about what costume she wanted. Baylor cheerleader (would have made Daddy happy), a bumblebee, a kitty cat, Rosetta Fairy, and a ladybug were all choices at one time. But one day while we were shopping at Target, she saw this Supergirl costume in pink from head to toe and that was it! That was the one. Every day I asked her what she wanted and from then on, she never said anything else except Supergirl. The kid has never heard of Supergirl, never seen a show or a movie, couldn't tell you one thing about her. But the costume was pink and that's all that mattered to her. So I bought it the following week knowing that I better not wait too long or it might be gone. Here's a picture of Sabrina dressed up and ready to go to school as Supergirl!

With her teachers at Mother's Day Out

Our church's Fall Festival was later that same night and it is one of those things we look forward to every year. There are lots of inflatables for the kids, games, face painting, food and fun. One of my favorite parts is seeing all the kids in their different costumes. The inflatables are definitely on the top of Sabrina's list.

This was the first year I did not help work one of the Inflatables. Yes, I was playing the pregnant card. For the past three years, I have actually organized all the volunteers for the inflatables so I felt okay about taking a break this time around. Daniel put in his 30 minute shift and then we had the rest of the night to enjoy together. I look forward to next year when we have two little Fall Festival cuties to dress up.

Here are some more pix from our fun evening.

Yep, that's a PINK Pumpkin bucket to go with her Pink
Supergirl Costume.

Loved having her face painted by Ms. Amber

Candy Corn, her favorite Halloween candy!

I love how she's got her hand on her hip like she's just hanging out fishin'!

Her school and MOPS friend, McKenna, dressed as Mary Poppins - this was my FAVORITE costume! Super cute!

This was a new ride this year... a swiveling surfboard (kinda like a bucking bronco) that you had to try and stay on while it turned. I wasn't so sure she could do it but Sabrina was determined to prove me wrong.

Cake walk

Bumper Inflatables!

We love Miss Julie!

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